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Team BuildinG

That Works

Unlock Your Team's Greater Potential

The World is loud

We want to help you cut through the noise and unleash the greatness within your team!

"True Vine offered our team that unique "out of the box" team building experience that all coaches are looking for. It challenged our kids to get out of their comfort zone and forced them to communicate with each other in order to solve a problem."

Lee Gibson, Head Football Coach, Leeds High School

"True Vine provides a serene, restful atmosphere to connect with your team without any distractions. It provided a break from the daily grind and provided an environment to concentrate on what is most important, the human relationship and team culture."


Our distraction free environment creates the optimal conditions for your team to cut through the noise.






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The Truevine offers a place for rest for groups, families, and individuals alike. 


Low Ropes

Our low-ropes team building course focuses on group problem solving and communication.

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Designed for couples, these tents provide an unforgettable experience for groups of couples during a retreat.

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High Ropes

Our high-ropes challenge course allows teams the opportunity to enhance trust, communication, and teamwork.

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(Character Development Course)

The Character Development Course is a mentally and physically challenging obstacle course designed to allow participants to test their resiliency as a team.

The True Vine Difference

True Vine provides a unique experience to help identify, set the foundation for, and reenforce the culture of your team. Accountability, trust, courage, communication, and leadership are a few of the principals we teach to help you reach your maximum potential. 

We take traditional team building exercises and add a healthy dose of physical and mental stress to push your team to the edge of its limits. We believe that a bit of adversity helps you grow stronger and provides life lessons in a safe and controlled environment.

We have created a haven on 90 acres of loblolly pines and sprawling oaks.

We believe that this distraction-free environment creates the ideal atmosphere for teams to connect, grow, and discover the greatness that lies within.

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