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Welcome to the True Vine


Our mission at the True Vine Foundation is to create a place where people can come to reconnect - whether it’s with God, their teammates, or their families. Our goal is to impact generations, through all age groups and backgrounds. With our current facilities we have already made a tremendous impact and we see great value in adding to the existing structures to accommodate more groups year round. We hope you choose to be a part of building a legacy that will outlast us all.

barn twilight.jpg

On these 90 acres of loblolly pines and sprawling oaks, we’ve created a haven. We believe in a strong sense of place, and how our mood and attitude can be influenced by our surroundings. We’ve built outstanding facilities with an emphasis on aesthetic and quality design built to last. Surrounding the foundation are vineyards, gardens, and open spaces to facilitate interaction with nature and spark awe in those who walk onto the property.


Our Heartbeat

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