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Our Future

Glamping Sketch.jpg


The glamping tents will allow us to cater to a wider audience, and focus on married couple retreats, as well as add a unique camping experience for other groups. 

We currently provide cooking and sleeping facilities for large groups. These facilities have served us well, but we need to make them more comfortable for year-round use. This would allow us to open up our doors to a variety of opportunities for impacting surrounding communities and beyond.


The facilities and the property that surround the foundation have immense potential. We look at this fund-raising campaign as a step towards a much bigger goal. Our hope is to use this momentum to minister to God’s people, and and allow God to show us what his plans are next.

The vision for this property hasn’t been revealed in one grand revelation, but fed to us slowly, but surely. With these next steps, we hope to utilize the added infrastructure to explore more opportunities to serve and utilize the property and the facilities. 

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