Frequently asked questions

How many can sleep in the Barn?

The barn has 16 single beds, all in temperature controlled rooms.

How many can sleep in the Dining Hall?

The dining hall has 20 single beds, all in temperature controlled rooms. See the floor plan here

How many can sleep in the Mission House?

The Mission House has six single beds and three full beds, among three separate bedrooms.

What is the appropriate clothing for the Odyssey High Ropes?

All participants must wear close toed shoes and no loose jewelry permitted.

Can we fish at the True Vine Foundation?

Groups are not permitted to fish on the ponds at the True Vine Foundation.

Can we bring our own four wheeler or off-road vehicle?

Guests are not permitted to bring personal vehicles onto the True Vine Foundation.

Can we bring guns, alcohol, fireworks or drugs?

No guns, alcohol, fireworks or illicit substances may be brought onto the True Vine Foundation property.

May I bring additional heaters?

No open flame heaters are permitted inside the structures.

What is the difference between low-ropes and high-ropes?

Our low-ropes team building course is made up of (11) stationary elements, and mobile initiatives designed to promote group problem solving, teamwork, and communication. These exercises all take place on the ground, or no more than a few feet off the ground. While not "up in the air" we coach participants through various scenarios that may include some emotional stressors which are intended to simulate intense situations. Our high-ropes challenge course consists of (8) elements ranging from 20 to 40 feet above ground on our state-of-the-art "Odyssey III Challenge Course". Participants are safely attached to the course and manuever through the obstacles as a team. This course promotes teamwork, perseverance, courage and communciation. All of our facilitators are trained and our managment team all hold certifications from the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) in safety and operations for this equipment.