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The land was purchased in 1987, and a modest log house and pond were added for the purpose of a family retreat for hunting, fishing, and relaxation. Gradually other structures were added which included a large log barn to function as support for farming activities and the occasional square dance and picnic. But God had other ideas, and even before completion, it began to house retreats, teachings and praise and worship meetings. We later deeded 70 acres to set aside the property for Kingdom use in perpetuity. This became the True Vine Foundation. Nothing has ended as we intended. For God had the plans, and we could never have imagined them, even in our wildest dreams. And so — we wait for the next step—with awe and excitement.




Managing Stewards of The True Vine

Colin and Amanda have served as the managers of the True Vine Foundation since its inception.  Colin has a passion for spiritual development and team building.  Amanda serves along side Colin, as well as at the University of Alabama, as the Honors College Community Relations Coordinator.  Together with their son George they have made it their mission to serve the vision of the True Vine Foundation.



Steward and Groundskeeper

Groundskeeper extraordinaire, committed to enhancing the natural beauty of the land that God has provided for this ministry. A man after God's own heart who hears His voice, who treasures His Word and enriches the lives of those around him. Jason and his wife Tonya have five amazing children and have dedicated their lives to the vision of The True Vine Foundation.



Founders of The True Vine Foundation

Dr. Finley McRae and his beautiful wife Bette are the architects who crafted the vision for The True Vine following a leading from God.  Their mission in life is to bless others by using all the resources they have been blessed with.  Bette embodies all the virtuous qualities found in Proverbs 31. Dr. McRae is an avid gardener and loves the outdoors.


Michael Bownes
Attorney-at-Law and Secretary of the Board of Trustees and
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor of The University of Alabama System

Michael Case
President and CEO of the Westervelt Company

Robert Crutchfield
Partner, Harbert Venture Partners

P. Hunter Faulconer III
Director, Greater Birmingham Lacrosse League

Ray Hayes
Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs for the University of Alabama System

Taylor Hanes
COO Applied Ultra Sonics

Dr. Colby Maher
Partner, Neurosurgical Associates PC Birmingham

Amanda P. McRae
Secretary/Treasurer, True Vine Foundation and
University of Alabama Honors College Community Relations Coordinator

Dr. J. Finley McRae
Retired physician, aspiring gardener and fisherman

William Barry McRae
Executive Managing Director of Sterne Agee
Went to be with his Lord August 24, 2012 - age 52

George Colin McRae
Manager and Steward of True Vine Foundation and Fortitudine Vineyard

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